About Joey

Her name is Joey.  She was as beautiful inside as she was outside, and that's saying a lot.  She loved all things simple... growing a big garden, making and serving the food she grew for her family, and taking are of the ones she loved

She lived to 40 years, but her music, her love and story will live forever.  At least, I hope so.  She believed in me.  She believed in us.  And she Believed in Him.  She taught me how to live a great story.  To be a better man.  And while I filmed and I wrote, she lived life to it's fullest.  All the way to the end of the line.

Her story:  Joey was born in Alexandria, Indiana and grew up in a farmhouse there with a family full of J's.  Her mama June, her daddy Jack and her three sisters and brother... Jody, Julie, Jessie and Justin.  A few years after high school, Joey loaded all she had into a cattle trailer and moved to Nashville to chase her dreams of following in the footsteps of her musical hero Dolly Parton.  To make ends meet in Nashville, she worked as a vet assistant at a horse vet clinic and in time, a restaurant called Marcy Jo's Mealhouse.  

We met in the fall of 2001 and we started dating on Valentines day in 2002.  Two months later we were engaged and two months after that, we were married.  After five years of marriage, with no still no sign of her dreams coming true, she opened a little cafe with my sister called Marcy Jo's Mealhouse and Bakery.  And she gave up her dreams, or at least she was willing to if that's what God wanted.  

Although she had been a mother to my two girls Heidi and Hopie for ten years, in February of 2014, Joey became a mama of our precious little Indiana. From that moment on, Joey was never the same. She lived to be a mother and cherished every moment with our little one.